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• Fully manage support and implement bug fixes

• Free upgrades to the latest version of RTLS engine code

• Data ingestion management

• 10 years of secure and backed up data management

Fatti currently detects more than 5 million unique shoppers per month through the identification of unique MAC numbers on mobile devices. The shoppers’ privacy is protected, and personal information only becomes available once the shopper has registered for free Wi-Fi on the Captive Portal.

Fatti’s robust shopper behaviour analytics engine produces rich reports that enables the landlord together with its retailers to understand their shoppers’ behaviour. This information positions decision-makers to create a customer focused strategy, to better evaluate the total sales opportunity and ultimately bridge the gap between bricks-and-mortar and online shopping. Fatti detection is not dependent on registered Wi-Fi users; all shoppers that have Wi-Fi enabled devices (switched on), are included in the analysed sample of shoppers.

Fatti differentiates itself by offering behavioural analytics based on the behavioural flow of shoppers, and thereby differentiates itself from other market players that offer ‘snapshot’ analytics.


Together with IoT services, using the ‘Botti’, operation managers can detect various changes in the mall environment ie. detection of smoke, gas, water, sound, heat, etc.

SJ van der Merwe | Head of Development

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