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  • Advertising of events, promotions and stores

  • Gathering of personal information

  • Shopper surveys and demographic enrichments

Shoppers who connect to the Mall FREE Wi-Fi, will be directed to a Captive Portal where initial registration is required. The platform also offers prime advertising opportunities for the mall, tenants & 3rd parties, creating opportunity to generate additional income for the property.

  • To enhance the user experience, only a valid email address (verified in real-time) and acceptance of the terms & conditions is required to complete the registration process.

  • When the user returns to the mall, the user’s mobile device will be remembered by its unique MAC address  when selecting the applicable “SSID”.

  • The Captive Portal can be a valuable tool in generating useful demographic and psychographic information about shoppers, in order to create a shopper profile and assist marketing to maximize their efforts.

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