A clear picture of student behaviour across campus, allows you to make informed deductions about why they move the way they do and how they might act in the future, given certain conditions.  This knowledge enables management to make insightful decisions on space management and class attendance.

Figuring out how students think, starts with knowing (with great confidence and accuracy) what their typical day looks like.  This is the starting point for behavioural analytics.  Such clarity in student profiling is a requirement for future decision making. It’s also essential to gaining an accurate understanding of which buildings and areas on campus are most utilised.

A University is mostly recognised by its student performance.  Each University should strive to have a 100% success rate and one way to reach this goal is to motivate students to attend class and at the same time motivate staff to provide students with an environment in which they can thrive.

The Management of a University should constantly strive to understand the current environment in which students move and test ways to improve this environment to a place where students want to spend time.  Apart from academics and attending class, University management should also motivate students to have a balanced lifestyle by forming part of social and sporting events. 

Many students don’t just work, study and participate in sporting/cultural events on campus, they also live on campus.  Understanding the behaviours between these departments, could assist in future decision making and to evaluate the performance of individual departments on campus.


An Innovative Solution

The ultimate outcome of behaviour statistics is that it will enable the facility managers to best utilise the facilities and effectively understand Space Management.

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