For Service Stations to gain advantage over competitors, they are poised to recreate the current service station environment. The only tangible way to do this is by gaining insight on current customer movement and understanding their behaviour between the various stations and areas within a station.

Apart from the general fuel market, WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER?


  • The truck driver that has been awake for the past 12 hours

  • The time-strapped business man looking for shorter queues & convenient parking

  • The office -bound wife driving home at 20:00pm  to a house with hungry family members

  • The student that stayed out until 02:00am

  • The family travelling to the coast for a weekend getaway

  • The 9-year old kid that needs the toilet on his way to school

  • The stay-at-home mom that likes the fresh bread at the café

  • The exhausted coffee addict driving 200km a day

  • The traffic-avoider stopping for breakfast and a quick car wash

  • The mom that forgot to pack lunch for the kids

  • The taxi or bus passengers in transit or waiting for a lift

A market is always made up of visitors with various  needs, intentions and profiles, however, it is possible to find out what the majority of visitors do at a service station and why they keep returning.

Fatti is able to provide valuable behavioural data:

  • Total Visits

  • Unique Visitors

  • New vs Loyal

  • Passerby Activity

  • Peak Time of Day

  • Peak Hour of Day

  • Number of Service Stations visited within one route

  • Loyal Return Rate

  • Corridor Tracking

  • Areas Visited

  • Conversion from the road

  • Conversion from Service Area to Retail Area