Through strategic partnering with property owners, Fatti provides a full turn-key platform that enables property owners and asset managers to understand, manage and measure shopper satisfaction, using intelligent analytics. Fatti designs and deploys a network to enable all stakeholders to identify hidden value in the asset.

Bricks-and-Mortar Compete with Online Shopping


Retailers have learnt to incorporate online presence in order to satisfy specific markets and constantly adapt according to customer requirements.  Fatti enables managers to profile behaviour and recognize and measure change.

Most Property Owners use very basic industry statistics when evaluating the performance of an asset.  Fatti, on the other hand, reveals statistics that the market has never before seen or used, which creates depth and intelligence when planning future strategies.


Fatti's objective is to empower the asset manager to enrich the shopping experience through understanding the behavioural characteristics of shoppers and customizing engagement accordingly.  The goal is to increase footfall and store revenues by converting anonymous visitors into loyal shoppers.


Managing the Asset Effectively

For the first time, Property Owners can manage their assets with insight. The reports enable you to understand the various parts of an asset, make informed strategic decisions and MEASURE the outcomes.  

To understand the individual parts of an asset and how each part performs is powerful beyond measure.


An Innovative Solution for the Tenant

The category report enables the tenant to benchmark its performance to similar stores in the same mall, thus enabling them to gage their performance relative to their environment and not just the mall as a whole.



At Fatti we understand that change is not always easy.  Since 2014, we’ve been helping companies of all shapes and sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us that it is about WHAT YOU KNOW.  


With knowledge comes power.

You don't have to consume all the data, but rather build up a repository to which you can always turn with a strategic question.

Do you have questions about your asset that you cannot answer?

Tracking your shopper's journey inside a retail environment (every 5 seconds), is sure to reveal very valuable insight.

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