Searching for equipment and assets is an ongoing challenge in Health Care facilities.  It not only wastes time, but also create risk for patient neglect. 

With Real Time Location Intelligence, staff can easily locate equipment and assets around the hospital.  In some Health Care facilities, staff members hide certain portable assets in order to easily find it when the  need it – this creates and increases staff irritation and unnecessary patient neglect.


There is a lack of understanding of how much it costs for patient care inside a hospital, much less how those costs could be compared to the “return on investment”.  Understanding the pathway of where the Patient enters to where the patient leaves and how each staff member optimizes their time with the patient, could add significant quantitative and qualitative value.

Physicians and staff members are often disorganised when it comes to patient care, mainly because information and resources are disconnected and not readily available in a centralized place.  This reflects badly on the industry’s efforts to improve quality and efficiency. 

Real Time Analytics is the result of multiple clusters of data (taken from different departments and sources) instantly grouped together in the place where it is needed most – at the Point of Care, in Real Time where the benefits can be life-saving.  Optimal patient care is also directly influenced by the time staff members spend searching for assets  around the hospital – it can be confusing to search for an asset inside one department, not even to mention the entire hospital.  Providing staff members a tool which allows them to identify a specific asset in real-time, could prevent them from wasting very valuable time.


For health care management to make the right decisions, they need visibility into every aspect of their operation and the insight to make changes that positively impact staff and patients.  Despite the Health Care Industry's complexity, especially around standardization, weekly analytics can be combined with real time analytics in order to provide the necessary insight to identify problem areas and improve processes.


An Innovative Solution

The Health Care Industry has many different departments and operations that should be studied individually in order to fully understand its complexity. Because of its multi-faceted environment, there is a lack in standardization, which could complicate an analytics study.

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